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Digital Podiums in High Impact Locations

With ability to obtain Data and Analytics of Pedestrian and existing customers

Digiads has the ability to reach your consumer base via the latest technology and software on the market. Bring your ad campaigns, commercials and promotions to a whole new audience locally, nationally and internationally. Digiads high-impact digital advertising podiums give your promotions a huge impact.

 Verizon 4G Wifi Hot Spot
• (3) x 43” LED Screens
• High-definition displays
• Gigabyte high powered computer system
• 4-Way power switch
• Digital battery indicator
• AC power input
• DC power input for extra battery boost
• 16 Hour battery life (additional battery life optional)

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Next generation advertising

The birth of these Revolutionary Digital Podiums began in 2014. In less than two years, Digiads has become a fully developed, highly effective and unique outdoor advertising solution that is rapidly expanding across the United States.

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