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Retail Face Recognition

Enhance the shopping experience at every touch point to grow deeper and more rewarding relationships with shoppers.

Providing both valuable products or services and unrivaled shopping experiences will allow you to positively engage with your customers at every opportunity.

Empower customers to become your evangelists with personalized messages at each touch point and a sleek relationship between online and bricks and mortar services.

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  • Increase customer conversion with discreet upselling tools
  • Grow basket size by grouping products in popular zones
  • Optimize merchandise availability and include ecommerce as an in-store selling tool
  • Engage shoppers by creating better experiential destinations
  • Strategically place promotional items in line with the customer journey
  • Measure and build levels of engagement through shopper touch points
  • Increase loyalty levels by using targeted solutions to improve dwell times and patronage

Best-in-Class Face Recognition Technology

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