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The Biometric Surveillance Platform that Never Forgets a Face

Identify Anonymous Visitors

Persons of interest may appear on camera long before they’re on your surveillance watchlist. Digiads makes it easy to search for facial matches against your historical surveillance footage, effortlessly uncovering dates, times and locations of prior visits.

Locate Relevant Video Footage in Seconds, Not Hours
Say goodbye to hours of digging through surveillance footage. Visual and keyword matches quickly uncover transformative video evidence including identity, location, group affiliations and more.


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Face recognition for access restriction is very important in factories, plaza buildings. For example, if we think about factories, employees have their company-issued IDs for authenticity. Their faces are then matched to their ID photos through facial recognition technology, to weed out those using borrowed ID cards. Their names are also checked against police records.


Police & National Security

Search for instances of persons of interest captured on camera, with analysis of their appearances across location and time.

Mega Events

Detect potential troublemakers in large arenas, by analyzing their faces and identifying past offenders barred from such events.

Best-in-Class Face Recognition Technology

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